"I have an oddball sense of humor. So when there was an episode at a comic book convention—of course they end up having Lois dress up all sexy and stuff—but really what I would dress up like is a Stormtrooper. That’s what I’d do, because it’s hilarious, and who doesn’t want to be that at some point, right? So then they made something out of that."

Erica Durance, Austin Comic Con 2013
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Smallville 6.04 Arrow

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Lois: Look, I know we’ve had our disagreements in the past. And I will be the first to admit that I’ve made it my own little hobby to bust your chops.
Clark: I’m used to it. Besides, I know I haven’t been the most gracious host.

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Hello! Recently i'm on smallville fandom (i'm not very smart, i'm the first season yet). I bought the five first seasons and now I'm watching, more or less, two episodes per day. I'm really liking. So, I wanna reblog about Smallville woah! I think you should already know which are the best blogs of this fandom. So please advice me some blogs that you really think I should follow. Thank you so much! I hope talk about smallville someday.

I’m so glad to hear that you’ve started Smallville! It is an amazing show :)

As for Smallville blogs to follow:

supagirl, fyeahsupermanandloislane, blenzz just to name a few. I hope this helps and welcome to the fandom!

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Here is a photo of James interviewing and not amusing Tom Welling. #draftday [x]

Here is a photo of James interviewing and not amusing Tom Welling. #draftday [x]

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Tom Welling playing football on Titulares y Más to promote “Draft Day” [x]

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Well there’s no way out of thisSo let’s stay inEvery storm that comes,Also comes to an end.Oh resistance is uselessJust two kids stupid and fearless

Well there’s no way out of this
So let’s stay in
Every storm that comes,
Also comes to an end.
Oh resistance is useless
Just two kids stupid and fearless

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